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New Internet Sales Tax Laws: Are You Ready?

On June 21, 2018, the United States Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling known as the Wayfair decision, stating that individual states are now allowed to require online sellers to collect sales tax on internet sales. This is a very serious issue for online retailers. If this trend gains momentum, it will create a headache for many online retailers, who will be expected to stay up to date on the numerous and various specific requirements in each state in which they sell.

Online retailers will also need to report sales tax in each state. These new requirements will generate administrative costs that smaller online retailers will need time to address and determine how best to handle.

In an effort to help online retailers remain informed on the coming changes from each state, we recommend this resource from Nolo. A link is provided to each state, connecting readers with an article on the current internet sales tax rules in that state. As states change their laws in the wake of the Wayfair decision, these links will be updated. Online retailers can bookmark this resource to ensure they are aware of the latest requirements.

Of course there are sure to be more articles on this topic in the coming months, as ecommerce companies attempt to determine how these new requirements may affect them and how to comply efficiently and affordably.

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