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Grow Your Sales on Partner and integrate with SAP Business One launched in 2015, then was purchased by Walmart in August 2016 for $3.3 billion as part of Walmart’s efforts to compete with Amazon. Jet brings some unique features to the ecommerce table:

  • One-stop shopping where you can get just about anything.
  • Free shipping on purchases over $35.
  • Buyer incentives to reduce overall cost:
    • Buy more to save more.
    • Add tagged items to your shopping cart that are easily shipped with other items to reduce shipping costs.
    • Use a preferred method of payment (debit is cheaper than credit).
    • Opt out of free returns.

Jet is a retailer-friendly marketplace, helping sellers increase profitability. Jet’s dual focus on customers and retailers creates a shopping environment that benefits both sides.

Integrating Jet with SAP Business One maximizes your potential for sales and expands your customer base.

Partner with Jet

Jet helps retail partners by:

  • Choosing the best seller to fill an order based on the economics of the customer’s shopping cart.
  • Providing sellers with a tool – The Rules Engine – to adjust prices automatically based on factors such as order size and shipping destination.
  • Giving sellers the option to obtain customer information for marketing purposes.

You must apply to sell on Jet as they are only interested in reliable sellers. There are no fees for the application or running a Jet business, and Jet receives commissions based on the type of product you’re selling.

Integrate and SAP Business One

Manual setup on Jet is not offered, so integration is a must. This is one way that Jet ensures only reliable sellers are part of its marketplace.

As a Jet seller, your orders need to immediately flow into SAP Business One so your inventory is up to date and orders are filled quickly. Real-time inventory tracking is important since Jet encourages customers to buy more to save more.

SAP Business One and Jet integration creates an efficient workflow that gets orders tracked and filled quickly, creating a happy and loyal customer base.

The easiest way to integrate Jet and SAP Business One

Consultants can integrate Jet and SAP Business One for you, but it will be expensive and can take weeks and weeks of development time.

Alluvia’s revolutionary Jet and SAP Business One connector makes integration possible in minutes without consultants:

  • A drag-and-drop interface allows you to match your Jet data elements to your SAP data elements with pre-built Jet templates.
  • Easily make changes to your integration setup as your business grows.
  • Don’t worry about changes made by Jet. Automatic updates have you covered.
  • Benefit from cloud-based security and low maintenance requirements.
  • Keep money in your pocket with a very low setup fee and low monthly payments.

Alluvia is committed to using technology to help you grow your business in affordable and simple ways.

Three ways to leverage Jet

There are three ways you can expand your business on Jet:

1. Sell on Jet marketplace

  • Use the Rules Engine to control your price and stay competitive.
  • Gain access to millions of customers.
  • Use reporting features to analyze your performance and adjust accordingly.
  • Integrate directly through the Jet API or through a third-party.

2. Sell wholesale to Jet

  • Your products arrive in signature Jet packaging.
  • Receive two-day delivery flags, more savings opportunities, and priority in customer search results.
  • Gain access to Jet’s fulfillment centers.
  • You ship to Jet. Jet fills the order and ships for you.
  • Receive access to data to track your performance.

3. Manage your brand on Jet

  • A beta version of the Jet Brand Portal is currently being offered to some brands.
  • Receive data on brand performance.
  • View customer demographics and analyze buying patterns.

Jet’s focus on attracting serious sellers is smart for business. Its integration requirement creates an efficient workflow and order fulfillment process across all its sellers. This contributes to increased sales and Jet’s popularity. You need to integrate with SAP Business One if you want to compete in the Jet space. Getting priced out of integration is a thing of the past. Alluvia can get you there today and leave money in your budget.

Intuitive data integration for a reasonable price.

Smart solutions start with simplicity. Let us show you how quickly you can connect your ERP to ecommerce and marketplace systems using a simple drag-and-drop mapping interface powered by flexible integration architecture. Alluvia is a plug-and-play solution at a cost you can control.