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Can Comparison Shopping Engines Help Increase Your ecommerce Sales?

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) are websites where buyers can go to compare prices, shipping information, and other details on specific items they want to purchase. The information on CSEs is collected from participating retailers and can be a valuable resource for ecommerce sellers to increase sales and draw in new customers.

But CSEs are not free. Retailers typically pay per click-through or per action, and products you want to display must be submitted in a specific format. There are a number of CSE’s to consider, so it can get overwhelming if you’re not too familiar with the options.

If you’re considering experimenting with this type of resource, check out this blog from Shopify that outlines the top 10 Comparison Shopping Engines. The post provides a brief overview of each CSE and some other factors to consider such as cost considerations. It’s a good read for any ecommerce retailer.

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