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Integrating SAP Business One and Shopify, the Leading Multi-channel Ecommerce Platform

Shopify is the leading cloud-based multi-channel commerce platform. There are currently over 500,000 businesses using Shopify in over 175 countries, with sales totaling $55 billion. The platform is designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Sellers can use the Shopify software to design and manage their stores across many channels:

  • Web
  • Social media
  • Mobile
  • Marketplaces
  • Brick-and-mortar stores
  • Pop-up shops

Shopify is committed to providing advanced technology to medium-sized businesses so they can compete on the level of larger enterprises.

The benefits of selling through Shopify

Shopify’s multi-channel approach gives sellers an array of options. These are just some of the ways you can sell on Shopify:

  • Online store – Set up your online store in just minutes.
  • POS – Gives you the power to accept credit cards anywhere.
  • POS Retail Package – Allows you to sell in brick-and-mortar stores, at trade shows, or at pop-up shops.
  • Buy Button – Create an embeddable product card so you can sell your products within blogs or any website.
  • Facebook Shop – Designed for mobile users, you can quickly add products to the Shop section of your Facebook page.

Shopify also gives you the power to sell globally – and you should. Ecommerce is growing internationally, not just in the U.S.; China is actually now the world’s biggest ecommerce market, outpacing the U.S.

Shopify enables sellers to increase their global reach with:

  • More than 100 payment gateways
  • Automatic risk assessment on an order-by-order basis
  • Built-in tax calculations for 70,000 jurisdictions
  • Dual Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for global speed and functionality
  • Level PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant

The next level: Integrating Shopify and SAP Business One

To streamline your Shopify business, you need to integrate Shopify with SAP Business One. Here are the reasons why:

  • Eliminate manual data entry – Integration means you no longer have to manually enter data into your systems. No more data entry errors and less time is spent entering data. This time can be spent on higher value-added tasks.
  • Receive real-time inventory updates – Multi-channel and global selling means your sales have the potential to increase exponentially, making real-time inventory updates even more important.
  • Automate the fulfillment process – Integrating SAP Business One and Shopify creates efficiencies in the order fulfillment process by removing all the manual steps.
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty – Fast order fulfillment and fewer errors on orders make customers happy. They will refer you to friends and keep coming to you for future purchases.
  • Save money and resources – You spend less money and resources on data entry, order fulfillment, and inventory tracking.

Integration has often been challenging, with high price tags and extensive consulting hours required. This has kept many medium-sized businesses from integrating with SAP Business One.

Alluvia has the solution to Shopify and SAP Business One integration

Like Shopify, Alluvia is dedicated to delivering cutting edge technology to medium-sized businesses so they can stay on par with larger enterprises. This means delivering affordable solutions that are simple to set up and manage.

Alluvia has developed a revolutionary integrator tool that connects SAP Business One to your Shopify business in just minutes. The SAP Business One and Shopify connector has the following features:

  • Cloud-based platform provides security and removes the need for software and maintenance on your side.
  • A simple and intuitive interface with pre-built templates and a mapping wizard allows you (not a consultant) to set up your Shopify and SAP Business One integration in minutes.
  • Automatic updates keep your Shopify business running smoothly. Changes to requirements by Shopify are taken care of for you – at no extra charge.
  • Everything you need to track orders and inventory are included.

Alluvia is serious about bringing e-commerce integration to the masses. Monthly plans are available for less than $100. A no-contract business model gives you the option to cancel at any time.

Together, Shopify and Alluvia bring you a cost-effective and simple way to rapidly expand your ecommerce business.

Intuitive data integration for a reasonable price.

Smart solutions start with simplicity. Let us show you how quickly you can connect your ERP to ecommerce and marketplace systems using a simple drag-and-drop mapping interface powered by flexible integration architecture. Alluvia is a plug-and-play solution at a cost you can control.