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ShipStation and SAP Business One Integration from Alluvia

Alluvia now provides support for all of your ecommerce shipping needs through integration with ShipStation, a leading shipping software for online sellers. ShipStation connects to more than 30 shipping providers to easily create shipping labels and shipments.

The revolutionary integration platform from Alluvia integrates SAP Business One with ShipStation, further simplifying the shipping process. How does it work?

  • Ecommerce orders come into SAP Business One.
  • Order details are automatically submitted to ShipStation for label creation.
  • Shipment tracking information is delivered back to SAP Business One, and then on to your ecommerce platform.

Order and shipping management are both simplified and automated, removing manual data entry errors and saving you time.

Alluvia is a revolutionary, cloud-based, plug-and-play SAP Business One integration solution that connects SAP B1 to ecommerce marketplaces and platforms, CRM systems, 3PL systems, EDI, and custom files.

Alluvia makes it possible to integrate in minutes, not months, at a fraction of the usual cost of integration, thanks to pre-configured templates for each connection and a built-in mapping wizard. Contact Us for more information.

Intuitive data integration for a reasonable price.

Smart solutions start with simplicity. Let us show you how quickly you can connect your ERP to ecommerce and marketplace systems using a simple drag-and-drop mapping interface powered by flexible integration architecture. Alluvia is a plug-and-play solution at a cost you can control.