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How the Right SAP Integration Software Can Boost Productivity

It’s been said that SAP “runs the world”–and rightfully so. SAP Business One is a flexible, robust solution that addresses so many aspects of business process management that it has transformed the efficiency and productivity of companies of every size.

But when it comes to transacting with your partners, SAP (or any ERP software, for that matter) is only as efficient as the integrations used with it. If you can’t match your customers’ data requirements or transactions stall without your knowledge, you’re limited by a technology bottleneck that dampens sales, frustrates employees and compromises your relationships with your customers.

The good news is: there is a solution. Choose the right SAP integration software and you not only smooth your sales flow, you can boost productivity as well.

Save time

Data entry is a time-intensive process. Entire departments can become bogged down by the need to key and re-key the same data in separate systems. Integration eliminates multiple data entry passes and enables your staff to focus on the bigger picture instead of getting buried under piles of paperwork.

Look for SAP integration tools that cover the entire integration cycle, not a mere portion that still requires manual input. Doing so can eliminate hours of data entry by a clerk.

Reduce stalled sales

If your current integrations don’t match your customers’ requirements and you’re forced to employ a workaround, transactions can fall through the cracks. If your data fails to exchange properly with your customers and you’re not aware of it, unprocessed sales are simply sitting in place.

The right SAP Business One integration software will not only feature plenty of integrated documents that apply to your sales process, it will also issue automatic notifications to make you aware of transactions that have encountered a problem so you can address them right away.

Speed deployment of custom integrations

When hard-coding SAP Business One integration software from the ground up, custom integrations take weeks, if not months, to get up and running. Platform-based integration software dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to implement a custom integration, because it only requires a few changes to configurations or settings, instead of an entirely new build.

The faster you can put effective SAP integration in place, the more quickly you can focus on sales, not managing custom integrations development.

Update integrated documents (almost) instantly

Much like the speed of custom integrations, platform-coded SAP integration software can provide you with updated integrated documents right away. Out-of-the-box integration software providers keep an eye on document updates so you don’t have to. You no longer need to chase each individual document as changes are released. Once a customers’ document is updated, your integration software provider will tweak your document to match. You can then put that document to work right away.

With platform-coded software, you’ll never need to worry about a disparity between the document you’re using and your customers’ more current versions.

SAP Business One leads the ERP software space because it’s a thoughtfully developed, powerful data management tool. If you’re still using a custom-coded integration solution, it could be taking a toll on your productivity. Your integration software should be able to match SAP’s level of flexibility and ongoing improvements. If that’s not the case, it might be time to reevaluate.

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