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Automated SAP Business ByDesign Integration 

Are you looking to automate the upload process for orders and shipment information obtained directly from customers or suppliers?

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Integrating with your e-Commerce website, CRM software or EDI trading partners expands your SAP Business ByDesign platform’s capabilities, increases your abilities to fulfill orders and maintain accurate inventory levels, and eliminates manual data entry. 

SAP Business ByDesign Integration Platform to Streamline Your Operations

In today’s global market, business success hinges upon seamless order fulfillment and accurate inventory. The problem is, integrating your systems to handle the speed of modern business processes is usually very expensive and time-consuming. To eliminate inefficiencies, we’ve designed a ground-breaking robust back-end architecture that quickly connects to all your integration points in a matter of minutes.

  • Simple SAP ByD Integration
    Alluvia translates all your data elements into one universal document, so you only manage a single connection.

  • Monthly Per-Document-Type Pricing
    Pay for only the documents that are most appropriate for your business. Pay no additional maintenance charges and cancel at any time.

  • Easy Mapping Wizard
    allows you map data in real time, with no additional coding required.

  • Automatic Updates
    We’ll keep track of updates to retailer templates so you don’t have to. When an update is available, approve the template and begin using it right away.

  • Rapid Flexible Integrations
    SAP ByD Integrations shouldn’t take weeks or months. Our platform enables you to take advantage of customizable templates for every connection you can imagine. Our team will work with you to understand your requirements and completely customize the process for you.

  • No Software Installs
    Alluvia is housed in the cloud so you never have to invest in hardware maintenance or data protection. We exclusively connect via the native ByD API’s.

  • Connect With Leading CRM, E-commerce & EDI Trading Partners

    Our integration solution allows you to connect SAP ByD to all your e-commerce and marketplaces, such as Salesforce, WooCommerce, ShipStation, Amazon, Shopify, as well as all EDI trading partners and more.

  • Decrease Order Processing Times
    When you automate your data exchange, you can quickly sync and upload your products and inventory to your various marketplaces. You’ll also be able to transfer shipping or tracking info directly from SAP ByD to keep your customers informed.

  • Increased Customer Retention And Loyalty
    When you fulfill orders faster and more accurately, and your sales and support teams have detailed and accurate customer data, you’re creating a better experience, happier customers, and, as a result, you can achieve improved growth and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What SAP ByD Documents are available to Integrate via Alluvia?

  • Alluvia has pre-configured templates for all SAP ByD sales and procurement documents, including A/R and A/P and we also support Master Data, including items and business partners, as well as inventory and pricing data.

What about support for custom extension fields?

  • Alluvia supports interacting custom extension fields in ByD and can easily be added to the mapping wizard. In most cases the extended field will also need to be enabled in the ByD webservice endpoint for the particular business object

Maximize Productivity With Our SAP Business ByDesign Integration Service

We go the extra mile to improve your business processes, no matter what size your company is. Our intuitive platform automates the flow of data while removing redundancy and copy/paste errors. 

Small Business or Multinational? We Got You Covered 

Traditionally, the cost of SAP Business ByDesign Integration has made it nearly impossible for small and mid-sized businesses to compete with larger corporations. With our SAP ByD Connector, price is no longer an overwhelming concept, and integration is a faster and easier process than ever before.

Whether you’re a small to mid-sized business looking to compete, or you’re a multinational corporation using SAP Business ByDesign, our platform can help.

To find out more, request a free demo today!