Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration solution creates a two-way data exchange between your internal business systems and your trading partners’.

The traditional approach to an EDI integration project can take weeks or even months, and manual data transfer is often seen as the only alternative. However, it doesn’t have to be a manual or time consuming process. When you have an EDI software that addresses all your needs whenever they come up, you’re guaranteed to save time, increase revenue, and improve customer service within your business.

  • Communication, Translation, and Integration

    Alluvia is completely integrated into your ERP system and handles all aspects of communication, translation, and integration.

    Our platform will extract and apply the necessary data in required formats, so you don’t have to worry about charge-backs/offsets. Don’t waste your time searching through documents to feel confident you have the correct data – let Alluvia do the work behind-the-scenes, so you can effortlessly complete daily tasks.

  • EDI Standards

    EDI documents usually follow standards, such as X12 and EDIFACT, however within those there are many variances to the exchange of information and integration, and almost every trading partner interprets these standards according to their own requirements. The Alluvia platform is compatible with all your trading partners’ requirements; we stay on top of them so you don’t have to.

  • Cloud Processing

    There is no need to invest in multiple costly EDI software components, which then forces your team to install add-ons, change menus or screens in your ERP system, or alter the way they work in order to do business with your EDI trading partners. Alluvia works with your current process – there are no add-ons to install and no screen changes required. Alluvia is completely cloud-based and runs entirely in the background, making it possible to be EDI compatible without the hassle.

  • Trading Partner Compliance & Labeling

    Creating labels with all the correct elements, as required by various trading partners, can be tedious and time-consuming, especially since you are expected to keep track of all of these requirements yourself. Alluvia makes the entire compliance and labeling process simpler and easier, so you don’t have to second-guess whether you’ve included the right data. While the complexity of traditional labeling methods can be a drain on your resources, Alluvia delivers all necessary information to you automatically and in the background; you don’t have to switch screens or applications to get the job done.

EDI Integration Software You Can Trust.

If you’re looking for a simple solution that will save you time and money while keeping your business EDI compliant, look no further than Alluvia’s complete, end-to-end solution. Alluvia is trusted by leading brands, which puts you in good company. 

You shouldn’t be working harder than your EDI integration solution, and now you don’t have to. Schedule a demo with us today to learn more about how you can connect to all of your EDI trading partners in minutes.